Community Forum Theatre Workshop for Maori at Mungamuka Bridge Marae, New Zealand. Phillipines Educational Theatre Association (PETA) tutors using technmiques of Augusto Boals "Theatre of the Opressed" work with Maori to explore issues of domestic violence and cultural opression .


PETA's work was seen as a useful model for Maori Theatre. They were invited to run workshops to facilitate exploration of local indigenous issues.

Boal's practice was a form of "Theatre of the Opressed" which used theatre as a tool that communities could use to examine the "players" within issues of community conflict. Here community members would identify the forces at work in opression in an issue like "alienation of land ownership" and play out roles within this conflict. Other community members would comment on and construct the story. The ending act taht they wrote would usually be the desired outcome from their perspective within the play of power. Strategies in the story would inform action in the real world solution

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